Monday, January 19, 2009

go insane{ly proud}, go learn

1.18.09: go insane{ly proud}

Simon always has papers in his pockets{among other things! Seriously, many a load of laundry has been ruined by his treasures}. This morning he brought this to me and it stopped me in my tracks. He must've drawn in when he was at church with my parents yesterday.

The picture, wow. And the fact that he's putting a silent "e" into practice{even if he did put it in the wrong place}...BOTH go to show that he really does listen when we talk!

You can't really tell in this scan, but the picture has the cutest detail. For one, those little round things all over Jesus are nails, pretty obvious right? There's like a hundred of 'em. He drew blood on his chest. He gave him a beard. More than any of the other details, there's one that sticks out more than the boy depicted Jesus dying on the cross with a smile on his face.

1.19.09: go learn

I've been pushing this one on Sean since he bought the piano a few months ago. He gave Simon one lesson, probably about 6 weeks ago, and the kid can still find any note asked of him, no problem.

Today, Sean explained an octave to him. My kid was able to look at the keyboard and see 8 keys at a time. Boom boom boom, just like that he was pointing out octaves up and down the keyboard. I can't even do that! I would be the piano lesson kid counting out all eight keys individually. For some reason, his brain just works that way. He's got to be some kind of genius!


  1. i was going to right something like "dude, you know your kid's a genious, right?" and then I read your last line. LOL!
    So cool, love both pics :)

  2. i mean write, not right. I'm SO NOT a genious!