Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Instead of trying to play catch up for two missed months, I figured I would just start fresh.

6.1: go blue 6.2: go sleep6.3: go swim6.4: go smile

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


3.30.09: go bendy-little wierdo has my toes. Sean's bend to a freakish extent forward{seriously, he can stick all ten toes straight up in the air. It's really...abnormal} and mine bend under. Felix can walk on his toes with them bent under like this. It's really abnormal too, I think. :)3.31.09: go create4.1.09: go prepare-another baby essential that I've put off buying until now. 4.2.09: go stress free-My stress levels can usually be quickly identified in the length of my fingernails. I've kept them long for three whole weeks! 4.3.09: go pamper-Not pamper as in a massage, nope. 4.4.09: go read
This one is gonna be my lover of books. As well as Simon reads, he doesn't enjoy it. :( But Felix...he layed in bed the other night and cried for a solid 30 minutes over a picture of a cat in one of his books. I didn't even know he had the book in bed with him. When I asked him what he was so upset about he cried, "THIS! The cat is outside and it's nighttime and that makes me saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" So cute.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


3.23.09: go shower-I didn't get a pic of all of us, but this will jog the memory. :)3.24.09: go relax! A pedicure and lunch out with a friend. Probably the last pedi I'll have for a while...3.25.09: go flippity flop-yay for Spring! 3.26.09: go draw: a flower/lollipop/balloon by Felix
3.27.09: go away: My toes have officially disappeared. I think it might have happened a while ago, but this is the first picture. I was actually leaning forward a bit to get this one.
3.28.09: go 37 weeks3.29.09: go outside-lots of playing in the driveway with chalk lately. Good stuff.

Monday, March 23, 2009


3.19 go see

the babies. Me & Alaina, Sean & Isabella. So cute and chubby and making me want to hold a baby all the time.
3.20 go photograph
My camera's been a-clickin' lately. Got a few good shots of this unwilling one. Seriously, my kids are more willing to be photgraphed!
3.21 go man...

is he cute? :)

3.22 go dude...

where'd my kid go? Just one of those shots that lets a mama see just how fast the little punks are growing up.


3.11 go cry
At Best Buy the day the computer broke, he "couldn't stop crying" over nothing really. I'm the one that should've been crying.

3.12 go whodunit?

Uploading pics after my lends wouldn't quite zoom. The culprit took this picture. Was I wrong in assuming it was one of my children who broke it??

3.13 go belly up
This shot didn't turn out like I wanted, but I love it anyways.
3.14 go backless
Another step away, we took the back off of his booster today. Now it's just that tiny little square booster of protection in the car.
3.15 go gooey

This one always has goo on his face. Always.

3.16 go rescue
Had to pay Best Buy $100 to rescue this very set of pictures.

3.17 go green
My little lephrechaun on St Patricks Day.
3.18 go indulge

Yeah, I tend to reward/bribe/find excuses of any kind to take the children to Baskin Robbins. A hot fudge sundae{on a fairly regular basis} does this body good.