Thursday, February 26, 2009

2.20.09: go without

After a bad day at Target with the boys, I decided to see if I could still handle them separately. I can. Feefs and I went to Target without Simon and it was so peaceful. It's the same when I take just Simon. It's only when they're together that I want to drop them off at the snack stand and run. I didn't remember my camera, so I took a pic with my phone. :)

2.21.09: go right

Bacon Bit seems to prefer the right side of my belly. Every once in a while he rolls all up on the right side, paralyzing me for a few minutes. It's fun.
2.22.09: go Rico Suave

Found him this little blazer on sale at the Children's Place. Sean has one that is identical. So cute, esp with the little hat.
2.23.09: go numb

I tried to give myself a French manicure. Bending in half for more than two seconds seems to cut off circulation to the lower half of my body. I only made it 3 toes in. I must admit, the effort was not in vain. I did an awesome job on those 3!

2.24.09: go French

My boys, finishing the job. It was so cute. The boys were all full of advice and questions and totally into sniffing the nail polish. While I don't see a future for him in a nail salon, I thought it was a super sweet gesture that Sean was even willing to give it a shot. Added to that, I probably wouldn't have been too excited if he had done a great job. 2.26.09: go back

in time, that is. Felix wearing one of Simon's hand me downs. :(


  1. i love that your boys helped you out with the pedicure :)

  2. oh, and Kara loved my right side too....especially up under my ribs!