Tuesday, January 13, 2009

g"oh" Susannah, go listen, go Susannah again

1.10.09: g"oh" Susannah That child loves her swing. The boys and I attended a birthday party for my BFF's hubby on Saturday. Probably should've made him the subject of my go picture, but she's got the cute baby thing going on so...

1.11.09: go listen
Sean didn't think the idea of this picture was nearly as funny as I. I've been meaning to do this since long before my belly got so large. The button protrusion has already inhibited the holding of the ear bud, but whatever.
1.12.09: g"oh" Susannah, again

I got to hang out with bitty miss while Ma was at work and Pa was at the Dentist. What a fun morning. She slept for most of it and I didn't get to partake in the dress up/hair bow fun I was anticipating, but...I had a moment when I was feeding her her bottle that threw a pause in me. She was just staring up at me, making her baby grunting noises and I was just enthralled in the moment, full of anticipation. I can't wait for my own little piggy to get here and start making his bitty baby noises. Thank you for a good day, S, and for being such a good baby.