Friday, January 9, 2009

go cheesy, go play

1.8.09: go cheesy
You know what? I'm pregnant, okay? I shouldn't have to justify a picture of cheesecake. You don't know how big or little the piece may have been. Besides, I didn't eat dinner and I only ate half of the piece.
1.9.09: go play

Just a short bike ride and a few minutes of uninhibited running does these two a world of good. However, I've figured out a way to feel like a complete moron, should the need ever arise. Again.

Sean said I'd be fine to run. I figured it wouldn't hurt to run and play and roughhouse with the boys. Sean was saying, "yes," but, oh boy, my body was saying, "Have you lost your ever loving mind?!?" Running{that may be too strong a word, if ever there was one} through a field in the middle of your neighborhood for all to see, not recommended at this stage of gestation per my hips.

Luckily, Sean was capturing it all on film should I ever need a reminder. Or a big, fat, healthy dose of reality.


  1. mmmm cheesecake!
    I bet you looked cute running around out there. but yeah, bet your hips didin't like it. That's where I had all my aches and pains when i was pregant. ouch.

  2. yay for cheesecake.
    do you still have your coupons for tcf?