Saturday, January 31, 2009

go Hollywood

1.23.09: go Hollywood!well, first things first: go Mimi's. I heart Mimi's Cafe. It was quite evident to all the Anaheim M.C. staff as Beth and I ate there 5 times in 7 days...The hosts actually laughed at us on that last day. They should be thankful that there are people like myself, willing to keep them employed in this struggling economy. Our Mimi's waitress, Jenifer with one "n," suggested a drive up to Hollywood. Of course, sunny CA picked the week of our vacation to be rainy and foggy, thus making the Hollywood sign completely invisible. We were just sure it had to be there and drove all over the place trying to find it. Thanks to Beth's iphone, we did find the hilltop where it was supposed to be. Surely a little fog wouldn't hide this giant landmark, right? Wrong. After being told by several people that it really was there, just not visible, we headed down to the Kodak Theater.

As we were exiting, this man came up and asked if we'd like to attend Jimmy Kimmell Live. Why not? I'll tell you why not! He was all nice and legit and flattering and told us to just stand in the "short line." Cool! Turns out, the short line is standby. And stand by, we did. For over an hour. Only to be told that the show was full. That sucked. It's not like we asked them if we could come. No bother. We quickly walked away from the creepy homeless guy that was telling us we owed him a dollar and stopped at Chinese Mann's Theater to see the stars handprints. Good stuff.


  1. I'm glad you guys made it up to Hollywood's so quentisensial (sp?) 'California'! Too bad you didn't get to see the sign though :(
    Thanks for the reminder about Mimi's!

  2. you forgot the part about us finally seeing the sign.

    it was still fun to go there, even though we drove a lot, stood a lot, etc.