Friday, January 16, 2009

go eat, go shop

1.15.09: go eat

Yesterday, Simon asked, "What does 'getting too big for your britches' mean?" Any indication on how life's been going? The kid is flexing his little muscles of supposed power. Last night at dinner, for example, he was saying words such as "yuck" and "disgusting" without even taking a nibble. We really stress the whole "there are people all over this world starving..." speech around here and those two words just set me off. Especially if he's not even willing to taste something. Especially when I know it's something he'll like.

So after threats of sending him to bed hungry, no t.v. and the like, I finally just got out a box of brownies. I said, "Hey Felix, want to lick a beater?"

Simon's plate was cleared in about two minutes. We never have problems with Felix eating. The boy's a HOSS, and we really don't have much trouble with Simon either, but lately...ooooh has he been gettin' too big for his britches!

1.16.09: go shop{picture to come}

Up to the outlets with my boys. ON was having a add'l 50% off clearance, so I got a few things for B.B. Banana Republic was having 60% off their clearance, so I found some double duty sweaters that will make their way to the end of this pregnancy, but hopefully retain a sense of normal shape so I can reuse them afterwards. :)


  1. I love that picture!
    Maybe its a first kid thing?...I always have issues with Jake eating, and never any with Megan.

  2. I love how no matter how smart they think they are, we can always out smart them...

  3. mmm brownies.
    yay for good deals.