Monday, March 23, 2009


3.11 go cry
At Best Buy the day the computer broke, he "couldn't stop crying" over nothing really. I'm the one that should've been crying.

3.12 go whodunit?

Uploading pics after my lends wouldn't quite zoom. The culprit took this picture. Was I wrong in assuming it was one of my children who broke it??

3.13 go belly up
This shot didn't turn out like I wanted, but I love it anyways.
3.14 go backless
Another step away, we took the back off of his booster today. Now it's just that tiny little square booster of protection in the car.
3.15 go gooey

This one always has goo on his face. Always.

3.16 go rescue
Had to pay Best Buy $100 to rescue this very set of pictures.

3.17 go green
My little lephrechaun on St Patricks Day.
3.18 go indulge

Yeah, I tend to reward/bribe/find excuses of any kind to take the children to Baskin Robbins. A hot fudge sundae{on a fairly regular basis} does this body good.

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