Wednesday, February 18, 2009


2.14.09: go kiss I wanted some lovey shots for Valentine's Day and this is the response I got from, "Blow me a kiss." All I can say is, "Gee, their future wives are lucky." Graceful boys of mine...
2.15.09: go crumby This was actually V-Day, too, but it's gonna be a fill in shot for the 15th. A friend suggested applesauce as a sub for veggie oil in cupcakes. They taste exactly the same and the fact that they're healthier makes eating cupcakes everyday justifiable!
2.16.09: go color My go to phrase when I need them to sit still and be quiet{er} for a few minutes. **side note, Simon is dressed up as a cowboy, those are not everyday clothes. We don't do leather vests, hats and/of chaps in this house.
2.17.09: go over My poor car. We have driven the crap out of this one! It's only an '05 and already at 100,000 miles. We bought it with 15K. In 2 1/2 year we've put 85,000 miles on it. :) Ah well, I look at it as getting our money's worth. That, and it's our only car. AND, it's made...6 trips across the entire country.


  1. wait a DON'T dress your kids like that every day? Shoot. I just sent Jake to school in that exact outfit. LOL! J/K!
    Love the kissy faces!

  2. that shot of simon in the chaps is so cute!!
    i think we need more dress up clothes around poor boys only have laurens dresses to pick from :)

  3. In my house Tanner wears would think he owns nothing else. And how do you get those boys to color? Mine won't and I so wish he would!

  4. fun stuff.
    craving some cake now...thanks a lot. good thing i made one tonight. :)
    and that's the table you scrap at?
    dude. you need to go to ikea and get the add on for the expedit.