Friday, February 6, 2009

catching up

Yeah, I'm behind already. Instead of trying to play catch up, I'll just post some random pictures taken over the last few days that are go-worthy.

1.31.09: that one needs to be about Helena. It was her birthday, after all, and a horrible one at that. Go pray seems to be apt, but I have no picture to represent. So I'll skip this one, picture wise and come back to it.
2.1.09-2.6.09:go 'round: Just a little token reminder of things I wouldn't forget anyways. :)go nuts: The smoke detector picked 4:48 a.m. to decide it needed new batteries. It beeped every minute, on the minute for about 30 minutes until I finally talked Sean into ripping it from the ceiling if he didn't want to change the batteries. No worries, it was reattached and freshly battered shortly after this picture was taken.

go grow: picture #1 was just 8 short weeks ago. Picture #2 was last night. Baco has mostly just moved north a bit. Right into the rib/lung region. Thanks kid!go postal: After being stood up by his recruiter after staying awake after his shift{over 24 hours+no sleep= one very lovely Sean}, Sean decided to mail her the paperwork she was supposed to retrieve. go...can't think of a word for this one, go get what you deserve seems a bit lengthy. Little turd was flopping the arm rest over and over and over again. He's been asked to stop. He'd been warned. He'd been threatened. Finally, the message got thru and his little eye wells runneth-ed over. He uses that unbearable cuteness to try and get away with stuff. It works more often than it should. go awwwwwww: I love mail. Especially when it makes me cry and reflect and smile and say awwwww.go indulge: I had two cravings yesterday: hot wings and hot fudge sundae. I somehow managed to talk Sean into both. I was too embarrassed to take a picture of the empty bowl...


  1. I skipped a couple days too..last week. I keep thinking I need to go back and fill those in, but at the same time I think the days I've posted more than one make up for the ones I skipped.
    You're belly is getting big! Not in a bad an OMGosh 8 weeks is SO soon way!
    Is that Mickey Mouse Paper on the mini?? how cute!! Did you happen to see any SB stuff when you were @ Disneyland?

  2. very good.
    glad the minibooks arrived safely!