Tuesday, February 10, 2009


2.8.09: go together
We went to the park with picture taking intentions. Apparently, everyone else noticed it was 72 degrees, too, and figured the park would be a great place to go. There were sooooo many people there! As my boys walked through the gate and Felix took notice of the throngs of people, he reached out and grabbed Simon's hand. :)
I missed the hand holding shot by 1/2 a second, but got the hand holding readjustment shot. I love that he finds safety and security in his big brother.
2.9.09: go unsurelyI guess the Feefs wasn't sure about the weather. Flip flops and my wool gloves. It is February...but it's still in the 70's.


  1. oh his face! how can you stand it. He's such a little brother! And the hand holding shot...I love how Simon's shirt is tucked in. I don't know, he just looks so grown up and "big brotherly". :)

  2. I would so do flip flops and gloves too.... :)