Friday, January 2, 2009

go fish, go colorful

I guess I'm settled on using "GO" as my word again. I just keep coming up with good go pics and figure I'll just ride the wave for a while. 1.1.09: go fish

A great game the kiddos got for Christmas. They both get it. While Felix is a little showy with his hand, he does manage to get incredibly lucky with his fishing. He kicked my butt twice yesterday!
1.2.09: go colorful

It went from windows open and 70 degrees last week, to well digger cold today! It hasn't crawled out of the 30's yet. No bother, Felix gets to wear his cute hat. :)


  1. We got Go Fish too! Tanner likes to hoard certain cards just because he likes the animal, but he always kicks my butt!! Our kids are smart!

  2. my kids just started getting into the ispy books - didn't know they had cards too..need to look into that!