Saturday, January 31, 2009

1.27.09: go beachy
Huntington Beach may have been my favorite part of the whole trip. What a beautiful place. We saw a woman changing in the street{eww, and hello? Is that allowed?}. We saw lots of surfers. We saw a beautiful sunset. We saw an awesome surf shop with a HUGE sale{racked up on some clothes for the boylies and some flippity flops for me}. We shopped at a tourist trap and got some awesome sweatshirts. We ate at a super swanky{unbeknownst to us} restaurant...and ended up back at the hotel 5 pounds heavier due to the sand in our shoes. A happy day indeed.
1.28.09: go Mickey

Disneyland was great, too. We didn't get there until 5:30{they close at 8}, but managed to see Mickey and ride Dumbo. We really did get to do a LOT of stuff while in CA. :)


  1. want

    it's too cold here. :)

    and meeting mickey was so cool. much better than "meeting" the well at minnie's house.

  2. i'm glad you go to meet the mouse, even if for a few hours...